Public Relations

Aurora delivers a full spectrum communications service for our customers. We have extensive experience of delivering high quality, professional communications to national and international clients.


Aurora offers your business a range of high quality marketing support and service at an affordable cost. Our broadcast ready visual adverts are finely tailored to the needs of your customer base.

Media Training

Today more and more organisations are having to engage with a range of mass and social media. Our training packages will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to turn this often perceived “threat” into an advantage.

News Distribution

With extensive knowledge and contacts we can guarantee news coverage if you have a story to tell. There are thousands of good news stories out there, just waiting to be told. Contact us to get yours out there.

  • Concept and design

It’s about style. It’s about appeal. It’s about reach. Aurora pride ourselves on all three. We invest time with our clients making sure our designs are creative and meet their precise needs. We are flexible, offering clients real options.

  • Meeting your needs

We are a creative professional company with great ideas for you so it is important to understand exactly what you want and what you can expect from us. Throughout the process we will communicate and work flexibly with you to deliver a service of exceptional quality.

  • Dedicated support

Many of our clients operate 24/7 organisations and businesses. Because we understand that we’re geared to support that need and ensure no interruption to the service we provide to you. When you need us Aurora will be there.




Aurora Media and Communications provides services to national and international businesses and organisations.

Whether you need a complete redesign of your organisation’s image, design and reach in the market place we can help you at a very competitive price.

Todays’ market place is crowded with audiences receiving multiple, confusing messages. We communicate tailored messages, effectively and direct to you target market.


Our expertise comes through tailoring your message to specific target audiences, understanding how they tick and how they prefer to be communicated with.

We also offer extensive media training designed for both the professional and those who expect to come into regular contact with the media.


  • I have been very impressed and encouraged by the work Mark Hirst has produced for us so far. Mark knows how to construct, script and present a story well.

  • I was fortunate to work with Mark on a major award winning promotional film project which my company, Cinecosse, produced. I was very grateful for Mark’s help, assistance and patience throughout and I enjoyed working with him.

  • I have known Mark Hirst for 10 years. During that time I have come to highly respect his abilities, integrity and work rate. His public relations and marketing skills are renowned amongst other MSPs. Mark’s approach to work is both enthusiastic and innovative.

  • The Children’s Reporter’s media function improved significantly when Mark Hirst took over the press function.

  • He has demonstrated a high level of strategic and tactical awareness, whilst maintaining professional integrity throughout. Mr Hirst is respected by the press both locally and nationally.

  • Mark has more intelligence, ability and common sense than most of the MSPs. Politics loss is journalism’s gain.

  • Mark’s reporting of the unfolding Shetland helicopter incident was compelling.

  • I’ve enjoyed watching Mark’s reports from Orkney.

  • Mark Hirst is held in high regard by his colleagues and others.

  • It’s been great working with Mark and he has been really helpful on so many occasions.

  • The magazine produced by Aurora for the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum was cleaner, neater and looked better than publications produced in previous years by other companies.

  • Mark’s most evident strength has been his ability to impart information effectively and work with and support his colleagues through knowledge and experience. He is a solid and robust team member.

  • Hirst has proved he is a dynamic PR thinker.

  • The film I directed simply could not have been made without Mark’s dedicated work and commitment to the project.

  • Mark’s coverage for Russia’s main news agency is influencing the global impression of our debate on independence.